Mother’s Day Musts

mothers day musts

As a mom (or mom-to-be), you deserve the best! After all, you are constantly busy taking care of everyone and everything in your homestead. Now, it’s time to take care of you! Here are some awesome Mother’s Day ideas (or hints to drop) that include some major pampering and lots of luxury for the expecting mother in your life.


Choosing an Obstetrician

choosing an obstetrician

How do you choose an obstetrician?  Being pregnant is a difficult time.  There are so many unknowns.  There are so many opinions. OMG the opinions.  Do this, don’t do that.  Studies say this and studies say that.  It is difficult to know what to believe.  You definitely can not trust everything you hear on social media.  


When Your Child is Estranged

when being a mother is hard

There is a side of motherhood that rarely gets talked about.  What about the times that are difficult?  What if your child has left you estranged?  That once adorable baby that you couldn’t live without has decided they are better off without you?  Where did you go wrong?  Being a parent is never easy, but when you are estranged from your children, it almost adds a new level of difficulty, that is difficult to navigate.


The Importance of Knowing Your Family’s Health History

family hitory

You may not have considered the importance of knowing your family’s health history, but you should.  Knowing your family’s health history could provide you with an idea of health issues you or your children may face in the future.  Don’t know where to start?  We suggest starting with these tips from the CDC.

Know Your Family

By learning about both your family health history and your spouse, you can provide your children with details that may otherwise never be known. It may not be fun to think about, and may even seem insignificant, but it could benefit their futures.

Is there a significant history of cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure? These are probably things you don’t want to think about, but what if you could reduce health issues by understanding your risks?

Extenuating Circumstances

In some cases, it may be difficult to find your health history.  In these cases, there are genetic tests that can help identify certain genes that may cause cancer.  By knowing these risks, you could begin making health and diet changes to decrease the chances of being faced with health issues to which you have a genetic predisposition to.  You can also do preventive screenings in addition to lifestyle changes.

There are many reasons to know and understand the risks of your family health history and it is never too early to start writing it down!

Having Fun on New Year’s When You Are Pregnant

pregnant on new years

What do weddings, parties, holidays, and New Year’s Eve have in common? They all stink when you’re pregnant! But, don’t let the lack of adult beverages and soft-cheese snacks ruin your time or your spirits. You can be all smiles when you ring in the New Year this upcoming holiday. Here are several tips that will ensure you have nothing but fun on New Year’s Eve!


Stress, The Holidays and the Unborn Fetus

feeling unwell during the holidays

The holiday season can be such a magical time of year, full of lights, laughter, and merriment as we get together and celebrate with family and friends. This season, the promise of a new baby arriving in the next few months brings an extra layer of joy to the festivities for you and your family. But the holidays can also be demanding and stressful, and dealing with a pregnancy on top of it all can add even more stress to your plate. What can you do to make the holidays stress-free for you and your baby?


Home for the Holiday

holiday with seniors

Keeping loved ones involved that live in an Assisted Living Facility.

From a nurse’s perspective there are a few things sadder than a person that is relegated to a facility during the holidays, any holiday really, and their family does not come to see them.  It’s a sad reality for many older Americans.  


Feeling Unwell During the Holidays

Felling unwell during the holidays

Feeling unwell during the holidays can be taxing on anyone. However, when you are pregnant, it is especially exhausting. Your little one has been stamping on your uterus for nearly nine months, your feet are swollen and your mood is about as reliable as the weatherman.

First, it’s okay to admit it. We have all had those times. So do not be hard on yourself for not being up to every holiday function offered. Take some time off from the holidays. It will make the ones you do attend more enjoyable if you are not exhausted.  Remember, your body is on overdrive right now and needs what it needs at any given moment.  Emotionally, you have more than likely been up and down the last 9 months and we all have the feeling at one time or another that it will never end.  Know in your heart that it is okay to take some time for yourself this holiday season.

Next, eat right and drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water is a challenge for people who aren’t pregnant. We tend to deprioritize things like food and water when we get busy. If you truly do not feel well, it is your body telling you to slow down. It is okay not to be the go-to person this year. People will get over it and if they don’t it is their loss.  Pre-plan meals when you are feeling better and keep them in the refrigerator for when you aren’t feeling especially well, so you can just grab them and go.  Keep water on hand at all times.

Next, some amount of not feeling good is normal.  However, if you are feeling run down more times than not, then seek your Primary Care Provider’s opinion.  It’s always good to check in with your primary care provider and make sure that things are on track.

Creating Family Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions

You may think it is too early to create holiday traditions, however, even though your little one may still be in your belly, this is her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next year, you’ll have your little bundle in your arms while you enjoy the glow of your Christmas tree.


Have a Holiday Swap

Holiday Swap

This is a fantastic time of year to host get-togethers with friends and family. You’ve probably done the same events year after year. Either Secret Santa or White Elephant, where everyone draws names or brings a cheap gift to exchange.  Those can be fun, but why not try something new?

Why not try a holiday swap this year? The premise of a swap is that everyone brings one of the same item. One popular swap this year was for socks or sweaters. Every attendee brings the funniest, silliest socks they can find. Then you come up with a system to swap with one another.  Add a little fun to a new holiday tradition.

You can also host a cookie swap. Yum! Everyone makes two-dozen cookies to bring to the swap. Then you each exchange cookies 4-6 at a time with other attendees until everyone has an assortment of holiday treats from everyone.  As a bonus treat, you can host a get-together to cook the cookies as well.  Bonus: now you have a fun dessert to bring to your family dinner!