Traditionally during the holidays, you may have gone “all out” with your decorating. But now you have a little one crawling, toddling or walking and ready to get into everything. So, how can you decorate while keeping your little one safe from harm? We have some tips to help you find a balance.

Decorate on High Surfaces

First, focus on decorating higher surfaces. Consider above the fireplace, doors, shelves and tabletops that are out of reach. Temporarily pack up whatever is usually on these surfaces and bring out your favorite holiday decorations. If you put up a Christmas tree, consider securing it to the wall (there are kits for this!) so that you little one cannot knock it down.

The Tree

You can try decorating the full tree and see if your little one leaves everything alone…but chances are the curiosity will be too much!  So, decorate your tree out of your little one’s reach. Yes, your tree will look a little silly with a bare bottom portion, but it’s better than no tree at all!  Use nonbreakable, plastic ornaments so if they do get into it, its not dangerous.  


Holiday lights are amazing, however, be safe.  Make sure plugs are secure and safe from little hands.  Make sure the lights are a solid fixture and child safe.  Or consider just using lights up high.

This holiday, be safe and have great Christmas.