Nesting is real.  You want to make the house beautiful and perfect for your new arrival.  However, pace yourself because you also need rest.  Here are some easy spring projects that will keep you busy.

Organizing cabinets/closets.  Nothing too heavy or strenuous here.  Reorganizing always feels so good when you are done.  Shop for organizers and make your life more organized.

Cleaning the windows.  One of the little things you can do to add a lot of brightness is to clean the windows of your house on the inside and avoid ladders. Stick to non-harmful cleaners.  Soap and water do wonders.

Tackle the floors and add new panel flooring. The individual panels are light, avoid carrying an entire package. Light exercise is good for you.

What you should avoid during pregnancy

  • Avoid heavy lifting.  
  • Paint fumes.  You can use a water-based paint.
  • Solvent fumes.
  • Ethers, phenols, mold, oven cleaners, and bleach.
  • Ladders. Falls from a low height can still hurt you.
  • Demolition.  
  • Pesticides.
  • Herbicides.
  • Power saws and equipment that can be dangerous due to blood loss.