A positive pregnancy test is an exciting moment in any woman’s life! But, pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for some moms to be. There seem to be so many “rules” to follow in regard to what you can eat, as well as supplements to take. But, there are many additional musts that you should consider. Read on to find out a few of them!

  1. Find the Right Doctor

Many women don’t shop around for doctors. It’s often unclear why. Often times, they go to the closest office to their home or use a doctor that their friends did. While this is fine, you may be doing yourself a disservice in the long run. Large practices don’t often allow you to cultivate a personal relationship with your obstetrician. You end up getting whoever is on call the day of your delivery; oftentimes knowing nothing about the individual you trust your baby’s life with; or their credentials. It’s also important to generate a list of questions to “interview” your potential doctor to learn about their views on C-sections, prenatal care, and also their experience. You do have the right to choose whoever you wish! So, keep that in mind. It may help ease your mind during the months leading up to your D-day.

  1. Inspect Your Beauty Products

Women put so much time and effort into what they eat; they often overlook what they put on their skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and everything that comes in contact with it gets absorbed; which means your baby takes in what your skin does. Update your lotions and potions so that they contain certified USDA-organic ingredients.  Pregnancy is a time when your skin glows naturally, make sure you need what you are putting on your skin.  This way, you’ll still look and feel your best; but will not be exposing your little one to anything harmful.

  1. Stock Up on Sales

Babies can be pretty expensive. So, it’s wise to start stockpiling diapers, wipes, ointment, and washes while they are on sale. Take advantage of clearance markdowns, buy one get one deals, and be sure to seek out coupons for these baby products; which you know you’ll use all throughout your baby’s first year of life (and well beyond)!

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep

While it’s tempting to nest (after all, those drawers won’t organize themselves!), it’s actually more important to rest during pregnancy. Your body is hard at work sustaining another person. So, rest is important for your limbs, your mind, and your blood pressure! Be sure to catnap throughout the day and go to bed early each night. In order to stay asleep, utilize a sleep mask, diffuse essential oils, utilize white noise, and invest in blackout shades. These strategies will help you fall asleep and sleep uninterrupted longer.

  1. Treat Yourself

Part of feeling good while pregnant is doing something selfishly only for you! So much of your day is devoted to doing things for your growing baby. And, you’ll spend the rest of your life focusing on their needs over your own. So, appreciate the time you have with just yourself! Meet up with girlfriends, enjoy an afternoon shopping, take in a movie-the world is your oyster. Treating yourself is so important for your mental and emotional health; and it actually makes you a better person and mom in the long run!

Becoming a mommy is an exciting, emotional, and intriguing time in your life. While eating well, drinking lots of water, and engaging in exercise is very important; the five musts above are also essential! If you haven’t considered any of the points above, it’s never too soon to start.