As someone who recently had a baby, I feel like no one ever really talks about the second trimester. Think about it. There’s lots of emphasis put on the first trimester. From morning sickness, to fatigue, and lots of strange cravings; the first trimester is a hot topic. And then, the third trimester is all about getting ready to prepare for your birth, nesting, and labor signs. So what is the second trimester all about? Read on to find out!

The second trimester is a great time for expecting moms, in general. You start to get more pep in your step, morning sickness subsides, and your bump starts to pop out; alerting others that you’re pregnant and not carrying around a heavy lunch.

In addition to feeling better, you’ll be able to feel your baby move. Typically, by week 21 these flutters and full fledge movements happen. But, for some, they happen sooner or even later in the trimester. Your baby starts to grow at a quicker pace, and before you know it, you’ll be carrying around a 2 pound baby inside you.

Many doctors encourage their patients to exercise during the second trimester. There are not just numerous benefits for the mommy, but the baby as well. Moms maintain a healthier weight and have an easier time with pregnancy, while some studies suggest that babies’ hearts are pumping blood more efficiently.

Speaking of your baby, their little hairs, nails, and skin is forming. So is their digestive system. He or she is sucking and swallowing away, in order to prepare for survival outside of the womb.

While the second trimester is usually a pretty glorious time, it can have a few minor downfalls. They include:

  • Snoring-You become more congested because blood flow increases to your mucus membranes. Your partner may report some of these unsavory sounds as you turn in for the night.
  • Puffy ankles and feet-Your body retains more water from this point on to the end of your pregnancy. Try to put your feet up and stay off them more often in the evening.
  • Sensitive Gums-Brushing and it hurts? Noticing blood in your spit? Your gums will start to get super sensitive. So, brush gently.
  • Varicose veins-These bad boys appear during the second trimester (but not for every woman) and can be pretty unsightly and painful. The good news is that they disappear after the baby is born if you didn’t have them before.
  • Maternity Clothes-You may have been able to skate by the first trimester wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes, but toward the end of the second trimester things get pretty tight (or don’t fit at all). So, it’s time to invest in some maternity clothes or a supportive belly band.

Being pregnant has its ups and downs. But the second trimester is a great time in a pregnant woman’s life. Besides feeling more connected to her baby, she starts to take the shape and form of a mom, which is a once and a lifetime experience.