Instead of stopping at the store this year to pick up a box of premade Valentine’s cards for your little one, try your hand at a homemade Valentine’s craft.  This year is all about handmade meaningful gifts.

You can make generic cards or incorporate your child’s favorite characters into what you make with these ideas:

  • Use stickers and color schemes for your favorite characters. Instead of making cards that get thrown away, design a bookmark that friends can keep and use.
  • Purchase a heart-shaped cupcake pan and melt crayon pieces in the oven to create crayon hearts. Do the same thing with colorful transparent beads to make sun catchers.
  • Make superhero capes out of paper or felt and wrap them around lollipops for your super friends.
  • Buy some of the small bubble wands that are typically given out at weddings. Attach the bubble wand to a Valentine’s heart tag and write “Your friendship blows me away!”
  • Tape Starburst candies to heart cutouts and help your little one write “My heart is bursting with happiness to have you as a friend!”
  • Create handmade Valentine’s cards and make cute giveaway bags.