8 Items You Absolutely Need in Your Hospital Bag

What to pack for the hospital

If you scan online pregnancy sites and popular baby retailers’ blogs; they will make you feel pretty stressed out about packing a hospital bag. Why? They absolutely over exaggerate just how much you need to bring with you on D-day. Take it from me-I packed way too much and spent more money than I needed to when packing my bag. After all, was said and done, here are the things I feel are most important to have with you at the hospital!


Contingency Birth Plans for a Snow Emergency

contingency birth plan

What to do in an emergency?  At one time or another during pregnancy, most women wonder about what will happen should they not be able to make it to the hospital on time.  Given the nature of our world now, the thought of COVID and if the hospital will be taking patients is also a concern.  These concerns hit home even more for the moms-to-be who are due during the winter months. With a snowstorm around every corner, black ice, and sleet impeding their path to the hospital, what would a mother in labor do in the event that she couldn’t get to the hospital to birth her baby?


Staying Organized Before, During and After Christmas

staying organized

If you’re like a lot of Americans, “Santa” is going overboard at your house this year…again!  Did you shop ahead in an effort to save money, but then forget about some of your purchases? Or, the “hottest” toys are currently in stores, and you are buying more than you thought.  Or, Amazon is just calling your name during the pandemic.

Once you factor in friends and family buying gifts as well, it can be overwhelming to think about all the toys and gifts that will be in your home in the next month. Get ahead now and have a plan for the New Year!


5 thoughtful gift ideas for the expectant dad


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and every year a whole new batch guys have moved out of the Dude Zone and into the Dad Zone and are celebrating this day of recognition for the very first time. However, I think that we should also start to make some extra efforts to include expectant father’s into this tradition too. Even though most of those guys probably think that they aren’t really a Father until Baby gets here, the fact of the matter is that parenthood starts with that positive pregnancy test. Here are 5 thoughtful gift ideas for the expectant Dad that say “Welcome To Fatherhood” and better prepare him for the adventures ahead.


Reducing Mom Stress

dealing with mom stress

Let’s just go ahead and say it: Mom-ing is stressful. Everyone has stress, but mom stress is on a whole other level. Being a mother is possibly the most amazing, fulfilling thing you’ll ever experience, but it’s also likely the most stressful. Here you are, suddenly in charge of another human’s life; in charge of caring for them around the clock as you shape them into a productive member of society.


Kids Clothes : Save Money

Children's clothes

A great way to save money on your kids clothes is to shop in the off season. So at the end of Spring and Summer when you would usually be buying for Fall and Winter, you go ahead and stock up on clothes for next year. By purchasing off season, you can save 40-75% off of retail prices.  That adds up to huge savings when you are trying to support a family.


Save Money on Your Grocery Bill with these Apps

rebate and coupon apps

At Pregnant Pauses, we love to save money.  If you are like us and you’re a deal-seeker, you’ve probably spent many-a-Sunday clipping coupons from the paper, and weekdays perusing the grocery ads to see where the best deals on your favorite products are. Most of us have access to multiple grocery stores so the research was sometimes exhausting.  However, as technology has grown, there are even better ways to save money on your grocery bill and your gas bill.


Spring Break Planning

Spring Break Planning

If you haven’t already, it’s time to begin thinking about Spring Break travel plans! Spring Break is always a cherished time of year and this year is no different, even if we have to adjust our plans a little due to virus concerns.


Your Guide to Packing a Hospital Bag 

hospital bag

By Josh Moore of diaperdads.org

The third trimester is chock full of prep work and to-do lists in order to get ready for your new arrival. Packing your hospital bag is one of the most important tasks ahead of you — and it’s also one of the most frazzling. Here’s a look at a few ways to make this process easier and more effective:

What Should I Pack?

When you’re packing your hospital bag, you’re prepping for two distinct events: labor and the hospital stay that comes with it. Your first step should be thinking about what kind of labor you want to have. Coming up with a birth plan empowers you to go in mentally prepared for the process, but try to stay flexible. Pregnancy and birth are unpredictable things, so be sure to read about what to expect in any scenario.


5 Pregnancy Musts

pregnancy must haves

A positive pregnancy test is an exciting moment in any woman’s life! But, pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for some moms to be. There seem to be so many “rules” to follow in regard to what you can eat, as well as supplements to take. But, there are many additional musts that you should consider. Read on to find out a few of them!