Having Fun on New Year’s When You Are Pregnant

having fun on new years when you are pregnant

What do weddings, parties, holidays, and New Year’s Eve have in common? They all stink when you’re pregnant! But, don’t let the lack of adult beverages and soft-cheese snacks ruin your time or your spirits. You can be all smiles when you ring in the New Year this upcoming holiday. Here are several tips that will ensure you have nothing but fun on New Year’s Eve!


Stress, The Holidays and the Unborn Fetus

stress, the holidays and the unborn fetus

The holiday season can be such a magical time of year, full of lights, laughter, and merriment as we get together and celebrate with family and friends. This season, the promise of a new baby arriving in the next few months brings an extra layer of joy to the festivities for you and your family. But the holidays can also be demanding and stressful, and dealing with a pregnancy on top of it all can add even more stress to your plate. What can you do to make the holidays stress-free for you and your baby?


Reasons to Relish Thanksgiving This Holiday Season

reasons to relish thanksgiving this holiday season

The holiday season gives us all an opportunity to connect with gratitude. I can’t think of there anything to be more thankful more than being pregnant during the holiday season Think about it: You’re having a baby. Right now, a little one is growing and developing inside of you. S/he is tucked snugly underneath your heart and waiting to meet everyone who loves them and is waiting for them on this side of the Earth. Of course, here’s more to the holiday than being grateful for the bun in your oven. As we count our blessings, let’s also think of ways to stay comfortable while pregnant during the holidays.


Things Your Mom Never Told You About Being Pregnant

Things Your Mom Never Told You About Being Pregnant

Since you can pretty much google any question you have about being pregnant, I was surprised at some of the things you just don’t know about being pregnant until, well, you are. Things you’d think your mom would’ve told you but somehow get missed in the great quantity of new information you suddenly want to know everything about. Let’s face it—has there ever been a time in your life you were more motivated to learn? Here are four things your mom wanted to tell you, but she knew that you wouldn’t understand until you were there:


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