To many working Americans and families, Labor Day is just another 3-day weekend. But it’s not! It’s a day to recognize the hard work you put in each and every day. So this year, we want to help celebrate YOU! If you’re at a loss for what to do this Labor Day weekend, we have a variety of ideas to get you started.

Pay tribute to history. If you’ve never visited your local museums (or even if you have!) plan a day trip. Explore, learn something new, and teach your kids about the importance of American history.

If there aren’t any good museums in your immediate area, maybe you can plan an overnight trip to a nearby city. While you’re at it, choose local or historical places to eat or pack a picnic and enjoy some fresh air in the park.

Check out local events. Chances are your city has fireworks, a festival, or some other family-friendly event planned. Check your local calendars or do a quick search on Facebook Events in your area. The awesome thing about local events is that they are oftentimes free or cheap to attend.

Plan a block party. When was the last time you got to know any of your neighbors? Invite your neighbors over to grill out and let the kids play. Everyone can bring their own chairs, drinks and a side dish to share.

You can set up the sprinklers for neighborhood kids or give them chalk to draw on driveways. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming event, keep it simple! Just enjoy chatting with your neighbors and getting to know them better. Who knows, maybe it’s something you plan again a couple times a year!

Celebrate college football season. If you’re a fan of college football, then you know the 2018 season kicks off on Labor Day weekend this year. If you live in or near a college town, take advantage of it! Tailgate outside the stadium or get tickets to the season’s first game and cheer your team on in person.

If you don’t live in a college town, throw your own game day party. Keep it low-key and invite a few friends and family members. Play board games with the kids, watch the games from the comfort of your couch and enjoy your favorite snacks.

Plan a getaway. If you’re able to take a kid-free weekend or plan a “babymoon” before the birth of your child, this is the perfect weekend to do it! The weather is nice – not too hot and not yet cold. You have just enough time between now and then to plan a trip within a few hours’ drive of where you live.

Or, if you like surprises or want a getaway you can enjoy without the tedious planning, try a service like this one, where they plan a surprise trip for you. You pay, show up and enjoy! Maybe you’ll get the chance to visit somewhere you’ve never been!

No matter what you do this Labor Day weekend, we hope you celebrate YOU! Enjoy your extra day off work, relax and do something fun. If you’re still looking for inspiration, check out this list of the top Labor Day destinations in the country.