When you have a new baby, it will feel like she wants to be held 24/7. And of course, you understand and want to indulge. They say that you can never hold and comfort a baby too much in those first months. After all, she is used to be warm and snug inside your belly, listening to your heartbeat and the sound of your voice all day long. So that is where she finds comfort.

Chances are, there will be (many!) times that she doesn’t even want daddy to hold her – just mom. But you still have things to do around the house and with your older kids if you have any. You may want to cook, clean, do laundry or even go for a walk. So how do you get things done AND hold your baby at the same time?

Well, a baby carrier of course! But if you’ve shopped for a baby carrier before, you know just how many options are out there. Prices range from $20 to hundreds of dollars. How do you know which one to choose? Well, we’ve done some research and identified one carrier than stands out from the rest – the Ergobaby Omni 360.

It Grows with Your Little One

Many carriers out there are designed for a specific age/size/weight. There may be a series of inserts you use for newborns and remove as they grow. For other carriers, you may have to buy two or more over the course of your little one’s life to have one that’s appropriate for her size. Baby can sit facing you and breastfeed in the carrier as needed, or face out if she loves to look around and watch what’s happening.

That’s not the case with the Ergobaby Omni360. It was designed to grow with your little one over time. So, as your baby gets comfy and “breaks it in,” she can continue to love the familiar feel of this cozy carrier. The only real decision you’ll have to make with the purchase of this carrier is what color you want.

Bonus points: it’s machine washable…and let’s face it, that’s the biggest selling point! Because we all know that babies have a knack for spitting up, drooling and having blowouts on our most needed and least-washable baby items. Every time.

The Value vs. Price is Great

When you consider that you’ll never have to buy another carrier again, the $180 price tag is pretty reasonable. This is especially true if your baby LOVES to be worn. The size range is from 7-45 pounds, so you could comfortably carry your toddler in it a couple years from now.

Plus, since it’s washable you won’t have to pay for special cleaners or cleaning services when it inevitably gets dirty. Just throw it in the washing machine with your other baby clothes and be done with it. Although you might consider allowing it to air-dry to maintain the integrity of the fabric – but that’s just our suggestion!

We’re also placing value on the fact that you don’t have to invest in additional inserts to make the carrier work for any stage of your child’s development. Other carriers may seem to be cheaper at first, but then you learn that you have to use a series of inserts as your little one grows so that they fit correctly and are safe.

The Reviews Speak for Themselves

We’re sharing some of the reviews on the Ergobaby website from happy customers. You can also check them out for yourself when you shop for your Omni 360.

“I bought the carrier a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did it! Very simple to use without help, all the conventional baby positions allowed, sits well on the hips. My baby loves staying in it.”

“As a new mother I researched numerous baby carries and ultimately decided on the Ergo baby carrier, absolutely love it! Easy to use and stylish at the same time.”

“We purchased this carrier for our newborn, and loved the fact that it didn’t need an insert like some of the other models. Our baby loved it and has grown to adapt with it as she has gotten older – we now use it in the front facing position and she could sit in it for hours!”

“I bought this carrier to use with my newborn so I did not have to use the infant insert. I love the fabric and how light and breathable it is. This is our second time owning an ergo carrier (the original with our first) and we are very happy with it. My baby sleeps comfortably in it and the weight is distributed well so my shoulder and back don’t hurt. A must have for any new parent.”

Plan Tummy Time

If you wear your little one frequently, it’s important to be mindful of floor time or “tummy time” for muscle development. Your baby will practice head control as she sits in the carrier, but she also needs the kind of strength she will develop while pushing up on her arms to look around. If your little one fusses during tummy time as so many babies do, break it up over the course of the day. Instead of 1-2 longer sessions of tummy time, allow her 3-5 minutes at a time so that she can slowly gain strength and learn to enjoy it.

And did we mention that it has been featured by some of the top baby product reviewers, including winning the “Best of Baby 2018” award from The Bump? If you’re curious about how the carrier works before making a purchase, you can check out their YouTube channel to watch a short how-to video.

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