You may think it is too early to create holiday traditions, however, even though your little one may still be in your belly, this is her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next year, you’ll have your little bundle in your arms while you enjoy the glow of your Christmas tree.

There is no time like the present (no pun intended!) to create holiday traditions to share with your little ones. We have some tips to help you get started:

Consider your family traditions

You and your partner may each have family traditions from childhood. Share them with one another and decide which ones you’d like to pass down. Or make them even more special by figuring out a way to combine them, so you have the history and your own contributions.

Commemorative ornaments

Whether you buy them or make them, having an ornament for each year is a fun way to create and share memories. Ornaments are a special way to remember each year.  Start with pregnancy, write a note with the year and store it with the ornament so that you can read it every year when you decorate the tree.  As a fun twist, make the ornament something that commemorates their year, whether it’s baseball or an achievement.  Your tree can become a storybook of memories.

Giving back

Shop for a family in need or serve food at your local shelter. This is great for teaching your little ones about the importance of helping others. Let them pick out the toys.  Make it all about the person in need.  Teach them the excitement of giving to those that have very little.

Time in the kitchen

This could be baking goodies to share with loved ones or cooking a holiday meal together with special family recipes. You can also make special plates at a ceramic shop and collect them over the years. Time together spent making them will surely be time well spent as the years’ pass and they can be passed down.