This is a fantastic time of year to host get-togethers with friends and family. You’ve probably done the same events year after year. Either Secret Santa or White Elephant, where everyone draws names or brings a cheap gift to exchange.  Those can be fun, but why not try something new?

Why not try a holiday swap this year? The premise of a swap is that everyone brings one of the same item. One popular swap this year was for socks or sweaters. Every attendee brings the funniest, silliest socks they can find. Then you come up with a system to swap with one another.  Add a little fun to a new holiday tradition.

You can also host a cookie swap. Yum! Everyone makes two-dozen cookies to bring to the swap. Then you each exchange cookies 4-6 at a time with other attendees until everyone has an assortment of holiday treats from everyone.  As a bonus treat, you can host a get-together to cook the cookies as well.  Bonus: now you have a fun dessert to bring to your family dinner!