Feeling unwell during the holidays can be taxing on anyone. However, when you are pregnant, it is especially exhausting. Your little one has been stamping on your uterus for nearly nine months, your feet are swollen and your mood is about as reliable as the weatherman.

First, it’s okay to admit it. We have all had those times. So do not be hard on yourself for not being up to every holiday function offered. Take some time off from the holidays. It will make the ones you do attend more enjoyable if you are not exhausted.  Remember, your body is on overdrive right now and needs what it needs at any given moment.  Emotionally, you have more than likely been up and down the last 9 months and we all have the feeling at one time or another that it will never end.  Know in your heart that it is okay to take some time for yourself this holiday season.

Next, eat right and drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water is a challenge for people who aren’t pregnant. We tend to deprioritize things like food and water when we get busy. If you truly do not feel well, it is your body telling you to slow down. It is okay not to be the go-to person this year. People will get over it and if they don’t it is their loss.  Pre-plan meals when you are feeling better and keep them in the refrigerator for when you aren’t feeling especially well, so you can just grab them and go.  Keep water on hand at all times.

Next, some amount of not feeling good is normal.  However, if you are feeling run down more times than not, then seek your Primary Care Provider’s opinion.  It’s always good to check in with your primary care provider and make sure that things are on track.