Keeping loved ones involved that live in an Assisted Living Facility.

From a nurse’s perspective there are a few things sadder than a person that is relegated to a facility during the holidays, any holiday really, and their family does not come to see them.  It’s a sad reality for many older Americans.  

While the merriment of the holiday is centered around the children, we must not forget our loved ones who spent years making sure that the holidays were special for us. 

Ideas for the Holiday:

  1. Get them an iPad and talk daily.  Teach them how to use it to stay in touch.  Ask for opinions on gifts for family members.  Make sure they have a connection with the whole family.  Connection is so important.  It has been shown to prolong life and make people happier.  There’s no reason to not stay in touch these days.
  2. Plan a visit with the whole family for Christmas.  Sure, it is nice to come one at a time, but it will surely feel better if several people come.
  3. Decorate their room.   First, clear the decorations with the facility.  For safety reasons they may limit the types of decorations, but there is no reason they can not participate.
  4. Start a new tradition with them.  
  5. Bring them home.  It’s understandable when medical conditions outweigh the feasibility of coming home, but when they don’t, try to bring them home.  If you can’t bring them home, plan a dinner there or a special night that is centered around them.
  6. Include them in gift-giving and Pollyannas.  Many older people in nursing homes feel abandoned.  This will make them feel like they are still part of the family.
  7. Want to give back? Volunteer to visit people on Christmas.

Being in a long-term care facility is no fun around the holidays.  While healthcare workers do their best, there is no replacement for family.

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