As a mom (or mom-to-be), you deserve the best! After all, you are constantly busy taking care of everyone and everything in your homestead. Now, it’s time to take care of you! Here are some awesome Mother’s Day ideas (or hints to drop) that include some major pampering and lots of luxury for the expecting mother in your life.

Silk Pajamas

Hello, comfort; hello style! Asking for (or gifting) silk pajamas will score lots of brownie points. Why? When pregnant, the body heats up tremendously due to shifting hormones. Silk tends to keep the body nice and cool throughout the evening. Opt for a button down top to make nursing a cinch!

Organic Facial

The skin is the biggest organ, so you have to take care of what you put on it; especially when pregnant since it absorbs everything. Consider asking for an organic facial, since pregnancy can do a number on your skin. Good for you ingredients will be used to clear up blemishes, add moisture, and make skin soft and smooth. Plus, the application itself is totally relaxing!

Sheepskin Slippers

Are your feet feeling the extra pressure from your growing baby bump? Why not give them a break? High-quality slippers make an excellent Mother’s Day gift since feet tend to throb after the second trimester (and shoes also fit more snugly). Slippers can also be worn in the hospital, and when lounging around post-delivery at home. Splurge on a supremely soft pair that is adorned with sheepskin and stitched by hand!

Subscription Box

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail regularly each month? Browse the dozens of subscription boxes available to you (be sure to check out breastfeeding subscription boxes if planning on nursing). They’ll be filled with customized treats and tidbits that are sure to bring a smile to your face, month after month for the whole year.

Cleaning Company

When pregnant, no one really feels like cleaning (unless you’re in the midst of your nesting phase). Plus, being around lots of chemicals is dangerous to your developing baby. Kick your feet up and request a cleaning company make your house spotless for the duration of your pregnancy (or even the first few months after). You’ll have more time to focus on setting up your nursery, relaxing your body, and doing the things that you enjoy the most; rather than cleaning!

Roses, massage, and dinners out are nice. But, the five gifts above are sure to make any pregnant woman’s heart flutter. Whether you’re the gift-er or gift-ee; make this Mother’s Day the best one yet for the special, expecting person in your life!