It is springtime almost!  There’s just something about spring that makes an expecting mommy want to jump up and clean (and clean, and clean), especially when it’s Spring Cleaning time. The weather is warming; the air is fresh and crisp; so it’s a great time to prep your home for your little bundle of joy. Here are some items to scrub and spaces to organize that will bring you instant joy (and the instant satisfaction of crossing items off of your long to-do list).

Create a Baby Closet

Have a closet in your kitchen or hall? Why not dedicate it to all things baby? A baby closet is great to have if you have multiple family members (like a spouse, parent, or in-law) who will be watching your child. It’s the one place they will have to look for diapers, wipes, baby food, snacks, washcloths, medicine, etc. Start by obviously emptying out the closet and giving it a good scrubbing. Hang a shoe organizer over the back of the door and fill it with various items. Add some large, plastic storage drawers to hold large items, and you can even hang your baby’s coats in there, or place their shoes on a shoe rack on the floor. By creating a baby closet, you take the guesswork out of looking for baby things, and you also have one neat and organized space!

Wash Your Washer

Sounds crazy, but it actually makes sense. You’ll want to get your washer looking shiny and white, but also smelling as fresh as a daisy, rather than sniffing remnants of mildew (which can build up over time). Simply fill your washer with hot water and pour in a quart of chlorine bleach (let it sit for an hour). Run through a cycle and drain it. Then, fill it up with hot water again but this time, add a quart of distilled white vinegar and let it sit for one hour before draining. You can bust out your favorite cleaning rag to wipe down all the nooks and crannies; and voila! You have one ready washer for your delicate, baby items!

Change the Air Filters

When’s the last time you changed your air filters? If you can’t remember, it’s time to do that today, to ensure your baby breathes nothing but the purest air as they enter your home. Be wise and bulk up on filters to ensure you have plenty on hand since you may be limited on time once your bundle of joy arrives.

Pre-Wash Baby Items

Now that your washer is sparkly clean, be sure to utilize the time that you have to wash your baby’s clothes, sheets, and blankets. You’ll be doing an insane amount of laundry once your tot arrives, so cut down on your workload later by washing your essential items now. You can even iron, fold, or hang them so they’re ready to be worn!

Move Your Furniture

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t move large pieces of furniture every time you run the vacuum. Before the baby comes, make it a point to do a deep floor cleaning (since they will be spending a lot of time on their tummy, on the floor). Get some help and move your couch, dressers, tables, and bed so you can literally suck up dust and dirt in every spare inch of your home! You’ll be disgusted at the amount of dirt you extract but satisfied with all the cleaning you’ve accomplished.

When you’re pregnant, you have big hopes, big feelings, and big desires-to clean literally everything you come in contact with. Allow spring to inspire you and help make all your cleaning aspirations come true.