When you have kids, date nights can be few and far between. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to prioritize your relationship and go out for date night. If you haven’t made plans yet, or Valentine’s crowds stress you out, no worries! There is no rule that you have to celebrate ON February 14. And given the current world state with COVID, why not pick another day!

Instead, plan to celebrate a couple of days before or after. Go to a restaurant that has the potential to be less busy, or even go a little earlier or later than the dinner rush. The biggest priority for your date night is to line up a sitter for your little one(s). To make things simple, have the sitter come to YOU so that they can put your kids to bed and you can stay out a little later without worrying about bedtime. You can figure out the details of your date night later on.

And in fact, being spontaneous can be even more fun than planning ahead. Just get in the car and decide where to go from there. Make the most of your evening by including a stop for drinks before or dessert after. Take a stroll downtown or hit up a local antique store together. After all, leisurely shopping is 100% different when you’re not also entertaining and/or chasing your kids around. This date night is about whatever the two of you love doing. As long as you’re spending time together, that’s all that matters!

You can also do something different. Why not go parachuting or mountain climbing, there is no unwritten rule that you can’t make your Valentine’s day about you. Do something different and celebrate the things that make your love unique.