Becoming a parent for the first time can be an exciting time, but, as The Child Whisperer notes, most new parents often also feel overwhelmed, thinking about how they’ll juggle the many new aspects of parenting alongside all their other responsibilities. Fortunately, Pregnant Pauses explains that there are numerous apps that can help make the journey of parenting a smoother one.

New Baby Tracking Apps

Logging new baby milestones, such as breastfeeding, diapers, and naps is made easy with apps like Glow. You can also track other important milestones, including bath and tummy time. Glow also features a library of useful articles in addition to trackers, and users can access the Glow Baby Community, connecting with other new parents to ask questions and get support in the early days.

My Baby Today is also a valuable baby app, giving moms advice each day on different aspects of their baby’s development such as care and nutrition alongside tips on pertinent topics. There are activity checklists for development-boosting activities, self-care practices, breastfeeding, bathing, and pumping videos.

Exclusive Pumpers is for moms who exclusively pump, the Milk Maid app can help quickly record sessions, helping moms visualize their inventory of available milk in different locations. Bottles or bags of stored milk are tracked according to pump date, so you can easily identify which milk is the oldest and should be used first. Moms can also easily export their data to a spreadsheet, another visual tool for sharing with a caregiver or doctor.

Better Understanding Baby Behavior

Baby’s go through a tremendous amount of mental development and growth in the first two years, sometimes leaving parents bewildered about their behavior or sudden changes. The Wonder Weeks is an app that helps demystify common baby behaviors like fussiness and other sudden mood changes. The Wonder Weeks teaches new parents about the 10 mental leaps babies go through in the first two years, offering tricks, tips, and insight. Growth schedules can be personalized, helping you see when a leap begins and ends.

If having a baby is also making you rethink your small living space and you’re considering a move to a larger home, you can go online and use a great tool for searching the most up-to-date listings in your area, from the comfort of your couch. Filters let you search more precisely for what you want, and virtual tours with local agents are also available.

Managing Family Life Family calendars are a necessity for managing busy family life, and the Cozi Family Organizer is very user-friendly. Cozi helps simplify tracking activities, grocery lists, and appointments by color-coordinating everyone’s schedules and communicating changes with all users. To-do lists, recipes, and a meal planner are just some of the other cool features that make this app worth using.

Making Parenting Less Complicated

Although becoming a first-time parent can feel overwhelming, using apps that track and monitor the process and provide more support and community through the process can make parenting easier. More than apps, there are a variety of functional and also stylish options available for essential items such as strollers and baby mats.