What do weddings, parties, holidays, and New Year’s Eve have in common? They all stink when you’re pregnant! But, don’t let the lack of adult beverages and soft-cheese snacks ruin your time or your spirits. You can be all smiles when you ring in the New Year this upcoming holiday. Here are several tips that will ensure you have nothing but fun on New Year’s Eve!

Tip #1-Make a Mocktail

If you’re ringing in the New Year at a fancy establishment, you’re in luck because most bartenders are utterly amazing at making mocktails. They will taste so yummy, you’ll hardly even notice (or care) that the alcohol is missing. Even servers at local restaurants will also be able to offer you a few non-alcoholic alternatives, like non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine. But, if you’re celebrating at a friend’s house, some thought and planning should probably go into your evening. You can scan the internet to find a mocktail recipe that interests you. Simply gather up your materials, make sure there is a blender on hand; and you can make virgin drinks for not only yourself but the designated drivers of the evening!

Tip #2-Let Loose, Let it All Hang Out!

So many expecting women spend months concealing their bumps. They remain tired, cranky, and stagnant in their homes. Newsflash! Being pregnant with a baby is a blessing, not a death sentence! So, this New Year’s Eve, get all dolled up! Embrace your bump by sliding on a form-fitting dress and go dancing. You’ll get an instant high from the exercise on the dance floor, and it will be hard for others not to notice and smile at you while you’re looking happy and having fun. You may even inspire other preggos to get out of their seat and let loose! What a way to ring in your exciting, upcoming year.

Tip #3-Pamper Yourself

Many pregnant women don’t want to leave their home or their sweatpants; let alone stay up to watch the ball drop. But, if you make it a point to pamper yourself, you’re more likely to commit to a festivity and have fun. Make an appointment to get your hair styled, your make up done, or enjoy a pre-natal massage. When you look good, you’ll feel good. And, you’re sure to want to show off your pretty pampering!

Tip #4-Play Chef

There are a number of food items pregnant women should stay away from. But, unfortunately, around the holidays, many of those foods are served-brie, shrimp, sushi, subs, queso (the list goes on and on). Why not take control of what gets served by playing chef? Your friends will be thrilled to get some cooking help. And, you’ll be thrilled because you’ll be able to dig into and enjoy all the snack items you’re totally craving!

Tip #5-Host a Soiree at Your House

If you are hosting a New Year’s event, you’re more likely to participate in the festivities. You’ll be so busy playing hostess, you’ll hardly miss drinking. Plus, you’ll be able to control the food and beverages that are being served (a bonus if you are trying to watch your calorie consumption). And, when your feet start to swell and your back starts to ache, you’ll have no qualms about sliding on your slippers and jumping into a pair of active pants. Who cares? After all, it’s your house and you can even sneak off to catch a cat nap in your bed if and when the occasion calls.

Being pregnant on the holidays, especially New Year’s Eve is not a huge deal. Consider the several tips listed above to ensure you have a great night, and keep your thoughts positive. After all, you do have a lot to celebrate in your life and your upcoming year is about to change everything! So, raise a glass (non-alcoholic, of course) and cheers not only to yourself but your new baby!