If you’re looking for a sentimental gift for dad this Father’s Day, we have some craft ideas for you to create with your little ones. Dad will get a meaningful keepsake and you’ll get some quality time with your kids in the process!

A new twist on the traditional handprints and footprints:

Create a card this Father’s day that shows dad just how much he means to you. Trace and cut out your kid’s handprint and fold the fingers over into the thumbs up position. Glue to the front of a card and go crazy coloring and decorating. Check out some inspiration here.

You can also check out your local craft store for a special plastic that shrinks when heated. Use paint to create hand as well as other art that can be turned into magnets and key chains. Check out the instructions here.

Use one of dad’s shoes to create an imprint on a piece of paper. Once it dries, overlay an imprint of your little one’s foot and write the message “Following in your Footsteps” with the date. Check out some inspiration here.

Cut out shapes and letters to spell out a special message for dad – something like “I [heart] U” or “Best Dad.” Then gently fix the outlines on a larger piece of paper in a way that they can easily be peeled off. Then have your kids finger paint over the letters, leaving a message in the empty spaces once you remove the cutouts. Check out some inspiration here.

Create a personalized book:

Do a quick search online for “Personalized Father’s Day Books” and check the results for one you love. Customize illustrations and names in the book to resemble your partner and kid(s). This is a gift the whole family can enjoy reading together. It will remind dad how special he is to you and your kids, and also provide long-term quality time as you read it together over and over again.

All about dad:

This craft is especially fun for younger children. Print out or create your own sheet that’s “all about dad” and have your child answer questions or fill in the blanks about their dad. Items on your printout may include:

  • How old is your dad?
  • What is dad’s favorite thing to do?
  • Name something your dad is good at.
  • What is something dad always says to you?
  • Name something that makes dad laugh.

You may get some serious answers, but you may also get some funny, silly answers! This is a keepsake you can repeat year after year to see how answers change. Click hereto see our inspiration.

Sure, it’s great to get dad an awesome gift he’s had his eye on, but don’t forget to make the day meaningful in small ways, too. Leave a note in his lunchbox, car, or wallet for him to find sometime during the day. Cook his favorite meal and watch one of his favorite movies together as a family. Encourage your kids to ask their dad about some of his childhood memories so they can hear stories from him. There are so many ways you can help your kids show dad how special he is!