ChangePal Product Review

As parents, we’re always on the hunt for the next greatest baby product. With all the “gear” on the market promising to make your life as a parent easier, it can be difficult to determine what really works like it promises.

One of our goals with the Pregnant Pauses blog is to help simplify your life – and that means seeking out the best baby gear on the market to share with you. We know (from experience!) that simplifying “life on the go” is one of the biggest struggles moms have.

What will you need when you leave the house with baby? How many diapers are enough? And let’s face it, even when you want to be overly prepared and have everything you need with you, you don’t want to carry a huge bag in every store you stop at.

Enter My ChangePal. This compact diaper changing “kit” is perfect for moms (and dads!) on the go. You can carry it by itself if you’re a minimalist or have an older baby that needs less stuff. You can also easily place it inside a larger bag to organize and separate your diaper changing necessities from other extras.

Here’s what we personally loved about the ChangePal when we discovered it:

* It’s tailor-made. Oftentimes when you’re shopping for a diaper bag, you really have to consider how its functionality compared to how you’ll personally use it. MyChangePal was tailor-made to serve one specific purpose and it does just that.

* The separate wipes holder. With a zippered compartment for wipes, they are easily accessible without having to remove any packages from the diaper bag to fumble with opening. Instead, you refill the compartment and access the wipes via a flap on the front of the bag.

* Simple design. There aren’t any extra pockets or inserts to battle with. You have one compartment for the built-in changing pad, one compartment for diapers and as mentioned above, one for wipes. The shoulder strap is adjustable so that you can carry comfortably.

* It’s not bulky. There’s enough extra room that you can stash something extra like ointment, powder or even your phone while maintaining a compact design.

* Easy to clean. Let’s face it, changing diapers can be messy. This bag was designed with that in mind. The changing pad and fabric of the bag are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Plus, it comes in a handful of patterns so that you can pick one that fits you. Go with basic black if you want something that will go with anything. Or, pick a more funky pattern that stands out.

You may be skeptical about purchasing a diaper changing kit in addition to a larger diaper bag, but the investment is worth it. You’ll simplify diaper changes and have the option to carry a smaller bag instead of a large, bulky one when you’re on-the-go. Plus, priced less than $25, the MyChangePal kit is an easy investment to make. It’s the perfect purchase to make for yourself or as a baby shower gift for a friend.