Father’s Day is just around the corner, and every year a whole new batch guys have moved out of the Dude Zone and into the Dad Zone and are celebrating this day of recognition for the very first time. However, I think that we should also start to make some extra efforts to include expectant father’s into this tradition too. Even though most of those guys probably think that they aren’t really a Father until Baby gets here, the fact of the matter is that parenthood starts with that positive pregnancy test. Here are 5 thoughtful gift ideas for the expectant Dad that say “Welcome To Fatherhood” and better prepare him for the adventures ahead.

  1. Wireless over-ear headphones. Whether it is listening to a favorite podcast, getting into the next chapter of that new audiobook, or simply watching TV, a good pair of wireless over-ear headphones allow a new Dad to stay mentally engaged in his favorite things while also keeping the house quiet for Baby (and Mama too!) New babies love to sleep, and new parents love sleeping babies, so keeping the house quiet is a priority. Good headphones allow Dad to be a helpful and supportive part of that plan while also still staying connected to some of his other interests too.
  1. Coffee subscription/Nespresso machine. Regardless of Dad’s spot on the coffee purist spectrum you can all but guarantee his overall caffeine intake will increase during those first few months of new parenthood. Help him help you by making that part of his life both tastier and easier. If he’s more of a coffee snob, look to explore some cool subscription programs that deliver freshly roasted beans to the house every month (or even every week!) If he leans the other way and his favorite coffee is “hot and strong,” look at getting a Nespresso machine that can dispense a quick cup on demand in about a minute or less. Either way, good coffee can be a true sanity saver for everybody! 
  1. Audible audiobook subscription. If your guy is an avid reader then gifting him an Audible audiobook subscription is a great way to help him keep that hobby alive and thriving through those first few tumultuous months after Baby gets here. Time on the couch with a good book will be in short supply for both of you soon enough, so utilizing the audiobook format when in the car, on the treadmill, or even with a pair of headphones at 3 am while he is rocking Baby to sleep is a great way to keep the literary flame burning bright. 
  1. The Godonut hands-free Tablet/phone holder. Many new Dads are surprised to find how hard it is to do pretty much anything while holding a baby. Even mastering the single-armed cradle hold still only leaves one hand free. Making a sandwich, going to the bathroom, and about a million other things are still rendered nearly impossible to do with just one hand. However, the GoDonut device can come to the rescue and hold your phone or tablet upright wherever it’s easiest for you to view it, allowing Dad to keep his other hand free for holding a bottle, wiping a nose, or even attempting advanced one-handed peanut butter and jelly sandwich assembling techniques. The possibilities are endless! 
  1. Welcome To Fatherhood. The gift that will keep on giving, my Welcome To Fatherhood book is full of practical tips and tricks to help your guy get better connected to you and your pregnancy journey right now and will also better prepare him for the road ahead through childbirth and that most important 4th Trimester post-partum period. Short, sweet, and to the point, WTF gives him clear suggestions on how to be helpful and supportive of you each step along the way while also preserving the integrity of his own experiential journey from the Dude Zone to the Dad Zone.

David Arrell is an Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Men’s Coach currently living in Colorado Springs, CO. He is passionate about coaching men on how to more fully embrace and embody healthy masculinity, especially through the powerful modalities of partnership and parenting. His most recent work in this area is the book Welcome To Fatherhood: The Modern Man’s Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Fatherhood, better known as WTF. In WTF David encourages men to more actively step into their important supportive roles during pregnancy, childbirth, and the 4th trimester back home and gives them detailed and practical tips and techniques on how to do so. The journey to Fatherhood officially begins with a positive pregnancy test, and WTF helps men get better connected to their pregnant partners and better prepared for the adventures that ensue from that point onward. Check out www.welcometofatherhood.com for more info on the book and how to buy it.