There’s nothing more exciting for a new mom than setting up her nursery. If you’re expecting a delivery during winter months, there are numerous ways you can make your baby’s room cute, comfortable, and cozy! Just take a cue from the most recent nursery trends and begin piecing together and designing the nursery of your dreams.

  1. 1.     Woodland Animal Theme

When thinking of winter, (besides snow) most think of animals hibernating. Turn your nursery into a comforting “den.” Lots of trends are featuring an accent wall that is either constructed with weathered strips of wood (placed horizontally) or faux wood wall paper. Select a wooden, unfinished crib and fill the walls with pictures of colorful, baby woodland animals surrounded in white birch frames. Keep bedding neutral, and bring in a wooden rocking chair with a small leather ottoman, to bring out the hearty, rustic colors and ambience of the room.

  1. 2.     White and Winter White

Shades of white can be so soothing, but also so chic. Splash your baby’s walls with a bright white paint, and allow the accents and furniture to offset this luminous color with  contrasting, yet complementary hues of cream, winter white, beige, and even tan. The nursery will look reminiscent of a winter wonderland, but warmer. It’s also ideal if you want to keep your nursery gender neutral if you don’t plan to know the sex of your baby. 

  1. 3.     Bare-bone Rustic

Nursery trends are showing that less is more. And, that is quite different from what was featured in the past. Bare bone means that you only fill the nursery with the necessary, essential items like a crib, dresser, and rocking chair. Opt for a rounded, wooden crib to add simple shape. You can add a little print and pattern on the wall by putting up wallpaper that boasts a simple color and pattern, like black and white trees, or even a simple leaf pattern. Bring in rustic elements like moss plants to sit on window sills, or even hearty branches to lay up against the crib for an earthy element. Keep bedding plain, white, and organic; and ditch the crib skirt and bumper!

  1. 4.     70’s Chic

An adorable trend for a girl’s nursery; 70’s Chic can be totally fun and inviting! Explore your local flea markets and antique stores to select unique styles of furniture that can easily be refinished and painted. Splash dressers and nightstands in pastel tones and in argyle prints. Add some pomp-pom lined curtains, some vintage décor pieces like an old tricycle, retro chair, or even miniature suit cases that house dolls and other toys.

  1. 5.     Fuzzy Features

Another nursery trend is texture. Lots of nurseries are boasting fuzzy features and are promoting shaggy rugs, plush blankets, textured drapes, and furry pillows. You can have a lot of fun mixing textures, prints, patterns, and colors as well! Already have carpet in your nursery? Add yet another layer of texture by placing a fuzzy area near your baby’s crib. Not only will it look inviting and peaceful, but it will bring you and your baby lots of comfort during late night feedings, and during scooting and crawling sessions as the months go on!

Be sure to check out some of these awesome winter nursery trends so you can start to plan, design, and decorate your special room for your special delivery!